Fashion Revolution Week

Raissa Dupuis

On April 24, 2013 Rana Plaza Garment Factory in Bangladesh collapsed and 1,138 garment workers lost their lives.  

April 23-29 is Fashion Revolution week.  This week calls for transparency in our factories, improved working conditions for garment workers, fair wages, and respect.  Our clothing is made by someone and should never be worth more than the life of another human. 

When I dreamed of owning my own boutique it was so exciting.  I thought of what it would look like inside, how I would decorate it, what style of clothing I would love to carry.  It was all very romantic and dreamy.  I have always loved fashion and I was so excited to help women shop, find styles they love, and grow new relationships.  When I began researching brands and diving deeper into where clothing was coming from, I knew I had to carry only ethical clothing brands.  As a consumer and as a retailer, I make the choice where my dollars are going and what they are supporting.  I will admit, I felt foolish that I hadn't really thought about it much before.  I mean, as a family, we are very conscious of being earth-friendly, putting healthy foods into our bodies, using personal care products that are good for us and the environment, but I hadn't really thought about my clothing tags...


"Every time you spend money, you're casting a vote for the kind of world you want" Anna Lappe.

How will you cast your vote?  There are a lot of ways to build an ethical wardrobe (stay tuned for future blog posts!). 

This week (and everyday) we can affect change by raising our voices together and demanding transparency in the garment industry.  You can join the Fashion Revolution now and take action by contacting a favorite brand, posting to social media, and asking the question "who made my clothes?"  

Simple, conscious decisions can make all the difference.  

If you want to get even more involved, follow #fashionrevolution on Instagram and watch the stories being posted this week!  Or donate to the cause here!

We can make a change!



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