Why Dressember?

Raissa Dupuis


I have always had a love of fashion, new trends, styling, and experimenting in colors and patterns.  Unfortunately, the Fashion Industry is one of the biggest supporters of modern day slavery.  With our constant need for the latest and greatest trends, many pieces are made very inexpensively with the intention of being replaced in our closets (and disposed of) very quickly.  These fast fashion garments are not only contributing to higher pollution rates and fuller land fills, but they are often made by slave labor.  In 2016 40.3 million people (71% women) were trapped in modern day slavery.*

When I decided to open my boutique I knew from the start that I wanted to carry clothing, accessories, and home goods from reputable companies paying fair wages, that were fighting modern day slavery, and sourcing their fabrics and materials in a way sustainable to our earth.  Though the U.S. has one of the lower rates of slavery, our need to consume outweighs most of the globe. 

This brings me to Dressember.  I first heard of this organization in Fall of 2016 when a friend of mine asked me to participate.  The concept is pretty simple; commit to wearing a dress everyday for the month of December.  Why is this important and how can it help?  By registering to become an advocate for Dressember, you can raise funds and awareness to help fight modern day slavery. Dressember has partnered with International Justice Mission, A21, and several other organizations to work to abolish slavery across the globe. By working with law enforcement these organizations are able to rescue victims, prosecute the offenders, and restore lives by providing medical care, counseling, employment, and education.  

The slavery problems of this world can feel really overwhelming, but by making this simple wardrobe commitment each December, together we can make a difference.  Raising awareness and educating folks is half of the battle, start a conversation about your choice to wear a dress!  Can men be involved?  They sure can!  Men across the globe commit to wearing a tie for the month of December and become advocates to raise funds for Dressember as well.  

I don't have 31 Dresses!  That is okay!  Dressember founder, Blythe Hill will be wearing the same 4 dresses all month in 2018.  You can follow her on Instagram for style inspiration.  I love styling as well!  Have questions?  Send me photos of your favorite dresses and together we can work together to style them differently with other pieces in your closet.  You would be surprised how many ways you can style the same dress to get new looks!  

For more information, please drop me an email or send me a DM.  To register to be part of the Poppy's Boutique Team and create your own fundraising page please visit





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